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Agile Israel 2023: Making an Impact


Agile Israel has been Israel’s main Agile and DevOps event since 2008.

This year’s theme was “Making an Impact”. 

At this conference, we explored approaches that help organizations make a true impact faster and focus on what matters most, improving customers’ lives, whether internal or external.

Listen to industry thought leaders and inspiring case studies about how aligning, focusing, and organizing around shared outcomes lead to more significant impact and business success.

Get inspired, learn, and energize your Agile journey!



Using OKRs to Shift from Output to Outcomes, by Ben Lamorte, Founder at (ENG).

With over two-hundred organizations coached on OKRs, including Nike, eBay, and Adobe, Ben Lamorte is one of the most experienced OKRs coaches in the world. 

Ben shares his insights on how organizations can move from focusing on output to outcome-based thinking by leveraging the power of OKRs. 

Does culture still eat strategy for breakfast? What gets in the way of our sincere commitments to become more efficient, effective, & successful? How does, as Peter Drucker so famously observed,”culture eat strategy for breakfast”? Is there a way to break through resistance & make a significant, sustainable change? Join Maria DeCarvalho, Senior Consultant and Coach Development Faculty at Minds at Work, as she leads us through a diagnostic exercise that uncovers what keeps individuals, teams, & enterprises stuck in unhelpful patterns and unleashes the energy necessary for success. 

Modern Software Engineering – Building Better Software Faster (ENG), by Dave Farley, Software Developer and Consultant, Founder and Director at ContinuousDelivery.

In this talk, Dave outlines 10 ideas that when combined can be used to form the basis of a modern, agile, engineering approach to software development. Dave also answers the question “what does ‘quality’ in software really mean?”.



Work-Flow Neuroscience Based Method for Adding Joy & Meaning at Work, by Ori Tal, a Flow State Expert at Flow-Hacks (Heb)

Flow is defined as an optimal state of consciousness when we feel our best and we perform our best.
In this lecture you will learn:
1. What are the 2 main flow triggers
2. What are the 2 main flow blockers
3. A Practical method to enable more flow at work for you and your team.

Empowered Product Teams in Action – a Panel (Heb)

Hosted by Roni Dolev Tamari, Lead Agile Coach, Enterprise Transformation Coach at Agilesparks. Participating: Shuky Aharonovitch, Group Product Manager at Augury, Rahm Fehr, Group Product Manager at Gong. First hand experiences evolving the concept of empowered product teams to build outstanding products. Learn what empowered product teams are and how they can be adapted and evolved to fit your organization’s specific needs and culture. 

Slow Down to Become Faster (Heb), by Oded Tamir, an Enterprise Agile & DevOps coach, Lead Coach, SPC & a PST at Agilesparks.

How to Overcome Scrum Team and Organization Bottlenecks. Bottlenecks are everywhere. If you don’t manage the bottleneck, it will manage you. So, how do we solve this? Watch Oded Tamir talks about the common bottlenecks in a Scrum team, how they occur, why they are so difficult for managers to handle, and suggests how to overcome them.

PLAYSTUDIOS is a global gaming studio with offices on three continents, a collection of award-winning titles, a network of world-class business partners, and a passionate community of loyal players. Learn about their Agile journey in this fascinating case study. You can also view and downland the full case study document HERE.

Yael Goldeberg Katz, Director of Professional Excellence AT&T Software Delivery Services, AT&T Israel.

Sagi Smolarski, Enterprise Agile Lead Coach Partner, AgileSparks.

Team Leader as a Coach: What I Learned after Moving From Consultant to Being a Team Leader, by Yaki Koren (Heb).

Yaki Koren, R&D Team Lead at Riskified.

Batel Zohar Tova, Developer Advocate  at JFrogMarina Marenkov, Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft.

 In this talk Batel and Marina will demonstrate how AI tools are assisting throughout the development cycle, helping improve developers speed and efficiency and above all improving developers experience and professionality.

SAFe Transformation as an Accelerator for Post Merger Integration (PMI) at Amdocs (Heb).

Shirly Paster-Benor, Process Excellence and Agile Lead at Amdocs, & Yossi Yitshaki, Process Excellence and Agile Coach at Amdocs.

By Dana Alpiner Enterprise Agile & DevOps lead coach at AgileSparks.

Tools – Last Call for Jira Server Users! Data Center or Cloud Migration? (Heb), by Hadas Virtzberg, an Atlassian Consultant & ALM Specialist at AgileSparks.

This talk will help you compare what’s included in each license type and decide which direction you will choose – Data center or Cloud migration?

Roni Dolev Tamari is a Lead Agile Coach, Enterprise Transformation Coach at AgileSparks.

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