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Scrum with Kanban – Enjoying the Best of Scrum AND Kanban/Flow

Scrum and Kanban – Better Together

Scrum and Kanban are each great approaches towards agility on their own. So why do so many teams and organizations choose to combine them?
Kanban helps Scrum teams pay attention to flow inside and beyond their Sprint and solve some nasty problems like end of Sprint pains and over-investment in estimation and tasking.
Scrum helps Kanban practitioners with clarity on roles and responsibilities especially around the crucial role of Teams and Product Ownership. The Sprint cadence and events provide rhythm, structure and focus that are sorely missing when teams forget that effective Kanban includes cadence.

World-class Scrum+Kanban Consulting Practice

Many of our clients are already combining Scrum with Kanban as a pragmatic way to get the best of the Iterative team-oriented empiricism of the Scrum framework and the Lean/Flow/end-to-end pragmatic perspective of Kanban.
We can help you enjoy the best of Scrum AND Kanban as well.

Interested in combining Scrum with Kanban?

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