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AgileSparks presentations from the past

What Do Agile Leaders Do

by Kurt Bittner @AgileIsrael2019

Distributed Teams

by Kevin Goldsmith

A Back-End Approach to Customer Driven

by Adi Gostynski

Jira Portfolio

by Elad Ben-Noam

Agile Hiring at Scale

by Yon Bergman

Are We Really Using Our Resources in The Most Effective Way?

by Perry Yaqubovitz

Honest Experimentation

by Jonathan Bertfield

Pango Journey to an Agile Cloud

by Yaniv Kalo

ClickSoftware Agile Tranistion

by Meny Duek

Augury's Journey Towards CD

by Assaf Mizrachi

Kubernetes is Hard! Lessons Learned Taking Our Apps to Kubernetes

by Eldad Assis

Creating a Culture of Ownership and Trust with Visibility and Transparency

by Shai Peretz

Real Innovation is with Real Customers

by Baat Enosh @Agile Israel 2019

True Continuous Improvement with Toyota Kata

by Jesper Boeg

Homo-Adaptus Agile Worker

by Lior Frenkel @Agile Israel 2019

Intel CHD Case Study

by Ronen Ezra

Leading Innovation

by Jonathan Bertfield @Agile Israel 2019

Organization architecture autonomy and accountability

Keynote speaker Kevin Goldsmith talks about Organization architecture autonomy and accountability @ Agile Israel 2019

Agile Eng Practices Agilesparks

Why Agile engineering practices are key to having a highly successful Agile project, and what exactly are they

by Yuval Yeret

Scaling Scrum using Lean/Kanban in Amdocs

Learn how Amdocs and Agilesparks took an enterprise Scrum implementation to the next step with Lean/Kanban – Presented in the Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 in Atlanta

by Yuval Yeret

Using kanban and cfd to effectively manage agile testing

How can Lean/Kanban concepts help manage dev/test more effectively in an Agile environment? Excerpt from Agile Testing training by Agilesparks

by Yuval Yeret

Kanban highlights

Highlights of Kanban from Agilesparks Training for Managers


by Yuval Yeret

The loneliness of the sprint manager or 'where is my team?'

The loneliness of the sprint manager or ‘where is my team?’

By Dror Zernik @ AgileIL12

Becoming Agile - Challenge the Traditional Thinking

Becoming Agile –
Challenge the Traditional Thinking

By Yael Rabinovich @ AgileIL12

Agile testing for agile sparks kanban clients

Presentation used to introduce our clients already using Kanban to the concepts of Agile Testing

By Yuval Yeret

Starting with why - goals for Lean/Agile

a list of common goals for lean/agile that can be used to decide on a direction for change, revitalize an agile journey (Recharge->Improve in the AgileSparks Agile Journey Blueprint), etc.
Typically used in AgileSparks management workshops and boost sessions

By Yuval Yeret

Lean Agile Metrics And KPIs

Summary of some Lean/Agile metrics and KPIs, as well as some elaboration of key metrics and case studies on this subject

By Yuval Yeret

Lean Agile For Testers

A quick intro to Lean delivered in the Israeli Quality Assurance and Control Conference

By Yuval Yeret

Short scrum games the efficient way to produce team cohesion

Talk has done at Agile Eastern Europe 2010.

By Danko Kovatch @ Agile Eastern Europe 2010.


The Next Agile Framework?

By Danko Kovatch

Lean product management and continuous planning

What is Lean Product Management and how you can move from Yearly Planning to continuous planning

By Inbar Oren

How to do planning meetings

One of the indicators of a successful implementation of Scrum is the ability to work in Sprints while producing a real potentially shippable product (PSP). I order to achieve it, you need to have an efficient planning meeting.

By Danko Kovatch Scrum Level0-3 in one year


By Benny Peer

Continuous Deployment in Outbrain


By Itai Hochman

Product Owner vs Product Manager

The Product Owner and the Product Manager, are they a single role? a single person?

Find out what people like Dean Leffingwell, Henrik Kniberg, Craig Larman, Bas Vodde, Roman Pichler and Marty Cagan have to say about this

Scrum and XP beyond the trenches

By Henrik Kniberg

Simulating Software Teams

Computer simulations of software teams process helps you gain insight into its inherent complexity and assists in making better decisions about process policies

By Sagi Smolarski

The Scrum Daily Standup Meeting

by Elad Amit

How can you keep the customer inputs flowing, the teams running and still know where you stand?

By Naama Gafni Lifshitz @ AgileIL12

User story testing activities

By Shirly Ronen

Rapid release flow and agile testing-as

By Shirly Ronen

Sustainable, successful, and repeatable.v7

By Elad Amit

Examples of Lean Reports and Visibility

By Elad Amit

A practical view on Agile Testing Maturity Levels

By Shirly Ronen

Agile defect management - Functional Defects versus Regression Defects

By Shirly Ronen

Scrum Beyond Software

By Danny (Danko) Kovatch

Essence of Agile

By Henrik Kniberg

Roles and Collaboration in Agile

By Ravit Danino @ HP

Values Principles Practices - Maturing beyond "Names" and getting to what works

By Hillel Glazer

Enterprise Metrics on Agile

By Sagi Smolarski

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