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Agile Israel 2023: Making an Impact

Agile Israel has been Israel’s main Agile and DevOps event since 2008.
This year’s theme was “Making an Impact.”
At this conference, we explored approaches that help organizations make a true impact faster and focus on what matters most, improving customers’ lives, whether internal or external.
Listen to industry thought leaders and inspiring case studies about how aligning, focusing, and organizing around shared outcomes lead to more significant impact and business success.
Get inspired, learn, and energize your Agile journey!

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Agile Israel

Agile Israel 2022

Opening Session How Agile helps successful startups grow Erez Tacher, CEO; Yael Rabinovich, Lead Coach & Partner @ AgileSparks (Hebrew) Keynote Speakers Organizing for Flow

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Agile Israel

Visualizing Lecture

Visualising System Archetypes – visualization and systems thinking

Many organizational challenges are a result of systemic issues, where cause and effect are not directly connected, but are separated by time and involve feedback loops and delays. Given that Kanban is a method for designing a software and systems development system, and systems thinking includes the idea of system archetypes that describe common patterns of behavior, we can use system archetypes to guide our visualizations and help us identify opportunities for improvement. This session will introduce how to understand system archetypes, describe a number of common and relevant archetypes, and discuss patterns that can visualize and thus help break those archetypes

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Agile Israel

ITG Case Study

Session Abstract:

Investment Technology Group (ITG) is the advanced stages of implementing an enterprise-wide Agile migration program, and wants to be able to monitor our implementation, both for the teams’ own benefit and for enterprise-wide governance of the migration.

As early as 2002, ITG has piloted the use of Agile for software projects. About two years ago, ITG decided to migrate all of its software development operation to a standard Agile process baseline, based on a mix of XP, Scrum and Lean practices. As part this migration, teams are starting to use Rally’s Agile Lifecycle Management platform. Having a critical mass of projects in Rally. We have started collecting from Rally a set of metrics which provides executives a quantitative insight into the progression of our agile implementation, and can be used by teams to continuously improve as part of their retrospection process. ITG has implemented a fairly comprehensive set of metrics, and plans to implement more based on teams input. These metrics are fairly generic in nature and can probably be useful to others as well.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Sagi Smolarski is a Director, Software Development at Investment Technology group, leads the global initiative to implement agile and is part of the team creates ITG’s next generation enterprise infrastructure.

Sagi has been leading projects and development teams, and has previously headed the development of ITG’s flagship Execution Management system – Triton, developed by ITG’s first team to implement an Agile process (XP).

Sagi lectures at Ben Gurion University on Advanced Methods in Information Systems Engineering, a course which focuses on the Design, Architecture and Methodologies used to implement software systems, with a special emphasis on Agile methods. Sagi has been teaching Python at the High Tech academy. Sagi holds a BA in Physics from Technion IIT and a BSc in Materials Engineering from the same institution.

NOTE: Today Sagi is a Lead Coach and Partner at AgileSparks

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Agile Israel

Informatica B2B Case Study Lecture in Agile Israel

How we do Agile without saying the word ‘Scrum’

During the last 9 months, Informatica’s B2B business unit transitioned to an agile product definition and development mode. Specifically, we selected Kanban as an agile development methodology. In this talk, I will cover our lessons from using Kanban for enterprise software product development, including:

The impact of a cross-geography organization.
Kanban board structure and changes to the board as a learning process.
The use of data that is collected from the board.
Why we decided to introduce the notion of iterations to our Kanban implementation.

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Agile Israel

AT&T InterWise Agile Israel Case Study – Dotan Naveh

The AT&T Tel Aviv Center of Excellence started implementing Agile development nine months ago. AT&T decided to implement Agile across all four lines of business and to cover the end-to-end development process. In this session Dotan Naveh, Executive Director and Head of R&D, AT&T Tel Aviv Center of Excellence, will cover the implementation approach, main decisions taken, what worked well and what should have been done differently, and the center’s focus going forward.

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The Essence of Agile

A high level “flight” over the Agile world, explaining different approaches and terms, motivation, pros and cons, and more. Delivered by the Master – Henrik Kniberg @ AgileIL11

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Agile Israel

Software Craftsmanship

Practicing Agile at the process level yields a great performance boost to development teams. In order to be able to persist a fast going pace, it is imperative to craft the code in a way that will support Agile. Embracing change in the process level without supporting it in the code level could bring a project to a total disaster.

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Agile Israel

Scrum and XP – Beyond the Trenches

Scrum and XP from the Trenches (by Henrik Kniberg) translated to Hebrew

As announced in AgileIsrael 2011, the AgileSparks team has translated Henrik Kniberg’s “Scrum and XP from the Trenches” to Hebrew.

Hebrew now joins the other 12 languages this great book has been translated.

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