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Agile Engineering Practices

Challenging Your Development Paradigms

Writing high quality code that can be quickly adapted to emerging requirements is not a simple task. Test Driven Development, Pairing, Refactoring and Mobbing are just some of the practices that will make your code writing faster, safer and in higher quality.

TDD - Small, Safe Steps

Test Driven Development is a way to develop software in small, safe steps. First decide what is your next small step and write a test, that would initially fail – red. Then make the test pass as quickly as possible to make the test green. Refactoring is the last step – make both production and test code maintainable and clear.


Refactoring is about making necessary changes to the code so that you can do the actual required development. Your code evolves as you get better knowledge of what it should do. It is but natural that after some new requirements are understood, a revised understanding of how the code should look emerges. Refactoring is about making small, safe changes to the code so that it will accommodate the revised design.

Mobbing and Pairing

Mobbing and Pairing are techniques for writing code together. The thing most developers do most of the time is think. The second most common activity is getting stuck. Why do it alone? Writing code together improves quality, spread knowledge very fast and make people happier.

Working With Legacy Code

Legacy Code is code with no tests. Many times it is code that was written by several generations of developers, all just making “a really small change” that accumulate to classes and methods of thousands of lines long. The first thing you should do when changing such code it to add tests. And that is not an easy task.

Engineering Practices Services We Offer

Public Courses

Public courses are a good place to meet practitioners from other organizations. Our pubic courses focus on exercises done in pairs and mobbing, in various programming languages. Find out about our public courses

Private workshops and coaching

We offer private tailored courses and coaching, from synthetic exercises in your preferred development stack to working with your team on your code, from mob programming with whole teams to coaching individuals. Contact Us at for more details.

Free public code labs

We run free code labs in which participants practice together code katas, honing their development skills.

There's so much place for improvement

Working with many organizations, seeing many code bases, strengthens our understanding that there’s so much place for improvement. What happens at the moment developers sit down at their desks can be so different. Do we work alone? How do we make sure we’re on the right track? Is the software ready for making this change?

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