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Lean Startup for Product Management Workshop

From opinions/conventions to experimentation, high-tempo testing and validated Learning

Understand and experience the Lean Startup mindset, learn how to use key tools for the Lean Startup practitioner throughout the product development cycle and how Lean Startup is a key enabler towards real business agility.

Not just for Startups! Lean Startup concepts apply also to enterprise software development. We will explore the possibilities and implications


Many products today are being developed in domains of uncertainty regarding who will be the customers, what they really value, and what will be a scalable and repeatable business model.

Lean Startup which these days is used as part of Enterprise Agility (including in scaling frameworks such as SAFe!) is an approach for finding product-market-fit using techniques such as Minimally Viable Products, Pivoting, Customer Development, Build-Measure-Learn cycles, Continuous Deployment, Small Batches, High-tempo testing and constant flow from hunch to learning.


Lean Startup represents a significant shift in the Product Management/Development model and requires a different mindset as well as familiarity with a new set of tools and practices. The goal of this workshop is to understand and relate to this new mindset as well as gain the skills to start using it in your product development whether you’re a startup, mid-size company or enterprise – whether you’re developing a product, a service, or an internal IT system.

Through Theory and Exercises we will give attendees a sense of how Lean Startup looks as well as concrete tools, tips and tricks to start with.


Workshop Syllabus



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