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Clients Cast Studies

AgileSparks' Clients Tell About Their Agile Journey

Adopting SAFe Methodology Streamlined Our Entire Business and Improved Our Efficiency and Quality

Achieve alignment across the organization, faster time to market, improve quality and improve employee engagement

Speeding Up While Increasing Predictability

Achieving end-to-end Business Agility

Improved Quality, Reduced T2M with Agile

Moving Into The Fast Lane With SAFe®

Implementing SAFe in Telecommunications

Improving Delivery Speed, Predictability and Quality

“The Change Wasn’t Easy, But We Will Never Go Back”

AgileSparks’ Support Was Instrumental In Our Journey

We Shifted Towards an Engineering Culture That Is Focused on Clear Value

Agile Helped Us Improve The Service to Our Customers and At The Same Time, Enhanced The Motivation and The Satisfaction of Our Employees

"Delivery, Predictability and Team Engagement Improved Dramatically"

Improved Velocity, Delivering Code and Value Every 2 Weeks

"We have become a better Software Machine, delivering value faster than ever.”

We Have Created a Way In Which The Growth Preserves The Quality And Ownership of The Teams to Build a Valuable Product For The Customer

Improved communication has resulted in greater work satisfaction due to deeper awareness of client feedback and achievements.

Restructuring Has Allowed Teams To Work On More Than One Program Delivery at a Time

AgileSparks assisted Atera in the design and launch of its Agile transformation, including training and kickoff of the Agile teams

Significant improvement in time-to-market from an average of four months to five weeks per release

Working in smaller increments gave us the flexibility and metrics needed for continuous improvements

Reduced Integration Times and Increased Delivery Rate

Adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has driven remarkable improvements in our efficiency, velocity, predictability, and overall visibility.

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