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Agile Tools

Facilitating Collaborative Meetings In The Age of COVID19

These are crazy times. I’m lucky that during this time I can still do things that are in the vicinity of my comfort zone.

When working with a client or teaching a class I rely pretty heavily on liberating structures, training from the back of the room, innovation games and other facilitation techniques. Can these work in a virtual/remote environment? YES! Luckily, I’ve been working with some 100% distributed companies/organizations in the past so it’s not all new.

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Agile Tools

Getting Started with ATDD

It is early afternoon on Friday.

As the week is coming to an end, so is Team Alpha’s Sprint. 

The team is rushing to finish the last User Stories in the Sprint. Marion is putting the last touches on the Daily Report User Story. Just a bit more tweaking of the CSS… and… we’re done! Marion shoots Kate, the PO, a WhatsApp message: “Hi Kate, the daily report story is done, can you please check it out and accept it?” A couple of hours pass and Kate is finally done with the grueling series of back-to-back meetings she’s been enduring today. 

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Agile Tools

Three tools that can help you become a better web developer

Use git, use eslint, and write unit tests.
Want to know the reasoning behind each tool? Keep reading!

Whether you are starting out as a developer or already have some experience, improving your coding skills is an ongoing endeavor. But what does it mean to be a better coder?
While there are many ways to solve a problem with code, some of them are better than others. As Robert Martin wrote:
Even bad code can function. But if code isn’t clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees.

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Agile Tools

4 Common Jira Challenges and How to Overcome Them


As a system admin or a project manager you often find yourself torn between management requirements and users who find the tools not as comfortable as they would like them to be. Jira is without a doubt a tool that can raise mixed emotions among users. Lucky for you, most of the users’ challenges can be easily handled.

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Agile Tools

Scrum Board Setup Tips and Tricks

I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks of setting a scrum board I usually share with my clients. The bottom line is that too many tools have too many features that support old ways of thinking. Let’s look at the various items one by one

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Agile Tools

Seeing The Big Picture With Scrum

A common phenomenon happening in organizations implementing scrum is that something is missing – the big picture. People are saying “We used to have High-Level Designs – where are they?”, “We used to have an architecture before developing – where is it?”. The answer will usually be that as we are working with small batches we need to focus on what’s immediately coming up and so other things are getting neglected.

But this is a confusion. Nothing should be neglected. For sure we cannot neglect long-term thinking and planning.

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Agile Marketing

Choosing your Agile Marketing Tool

Tools for Agile Marketing seem to be a hot topic in the various Agile Marketing communities. The Marketing Agility Podcast is talking to some tool vendors and people started to discuss it on the  Agile Marketing Facebook Group as well.

For co-located marketing teams the best approach would probably be to start without an electronic tool and just use a physical board/wall with sticky notes at least until they get the hang of it and learn what they really need. Many marketing teams are distributed and therefore don’t have this luxury. While moving to a co-located setup is definitely a recommended option it isn’t always realistic… So those teams do need to have some electronic tool to support their move to agile marketing.

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Agile Tools

5 pitfalls when using Atlassian Jira

Jira Atlassian is a great ALM tool for managing your Agile environment. It provides a friendly work space for Agile teams and has some informative out-of-the-box reports that allow teams to easily apply root cause analysis.

At the program level, there are several easy ways to achieve aggregated data reports and epic progress boards. The relatively new Jira portfolio also has some interesting features that enable larger organizations to manage their program, including shared planning, shared releases, progress, and mitigation plans.

Visiting many organizations that use Jira as their main tool for their Agile environment, I decided to summarize 5 common pitfalls it is best to avoid.

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