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Amdocs SBG – Moving Thousands of People to Kanban within 16 Months


The goals set before us a year and half ago were to stop saying “no” to customers for late or changed scope, while helping them achieve time to value. We have gone through a successful revolutionary change of the way we manage our projects a few years earlier (CCPM), and we felt that the organization cannot handle another revolution. Still, Our customers’ (Telecommunication Service Providers) business required better responsiveness and flexibility, reduce risks and a much faster time to market. Our hundreds to thousands person months complex mission critical projects span up to 70 groups of experts handling products that are tightly integrated over a timeline of a few months, and we had to maintain, if not improve, our quality, while reaching a sustainable development process. The challenge was huge.

In this session we will describe how we pulled it off again, in a completely different implementation approach — evolutionary, pull based. We implemented in different types of projects (huge business transformations, on going releases with existing customers), different scales (from 10 to 150 Person Years projects), different personas (the leaders, the laggers) and in a different manner (adapting the implementation to the specifics of our internal customers).

We will describe what it takes to make it work, and what obstacles we faced. we will share actual boards and reports helping the audience experience the scale, the challenge, the journey.

Keren Yahalom & Yaki Koren @ LKNA14

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