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Tips and tricks for Jira administrators – Get the most out of your Jira!


This webinar is for Jira Admins with different experience levels looking to learn new tips on configuring JIRA best.

We will go deep to explore the differences between the different screens in Jira, talk about how to manage our layout smartly, unlock the power of Jira’s workflow screens and get a taste of their functionality, providing participants with an understanding of how to optimize their configuration management process and drive project success.

Join us for a fast-paced session to master configuration management in Jira and unlock the key to efficient and successful Jira management.

Hadas Virtzberg is an Atlassian tools expert, Certified Consultant, Authorized Instructor & ALM Specialist, and specializes in other project management solutions.

The webinar was delivered in Hebrew.

Learn about our Jira courses: click HERE for details.

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