Value Stream Identification Workshop


Learning Goals




1-2 days
The Value Stream Identification Workshop provides a structured, proven approach for collaborating with stakeholders to identify Value Streams and Team of Teams structures (ARTs in the context of a SAFe implementation, Nexus in Scrum, etc.). In the workshop we agree on target optimizations and organizational constraints and identify a structure that works within these boundaries.

In this workshop, an AgileSparks experienced facilitator works together with enterprise stakeholders to identify and validate value streams and ARTs, and define next steps for the first ART launch. Enterprise-level Value Stream Identification workshops are run by our SAFe SPCTs/Fellows with combined experience helping dozens of enterprise-level organizations organize around value.

The workshop helps stakeholders optimize their design by considering coordination requirements, dependencies, Epic distribution, and organizational change impact.

We typically run the workshop in the context of a large-scale agile transformation where it follows a high level implementation strategy workshop and/or some agile scaling training (such as Leading or Implementing SAFe®). Regardless of the context, before the workshop we make sure to get to know the organization, its context, its needs through a set of empathy interviews and some observations of current processes/artifacts.

* The Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop duration is one to two days, based on the content and exercises delivered.

Learning Goals

At the completion of this workshop, attendees should have

  • Recognized the importance of Value Streams for continuous flow and identified silos in the organization
  • Identified a candidate design for Value Streams and ARTs
  • Validated that the chosen design is an effective design
  • Defined the next steps to prepare to implement agile according to the chosen design


Participants should have a good awareness of large-scale agile concepts, especially the Scaled Agile Framework. We typically combine the workshop with an appropriate training workshop such as Leading SAFe or Implementing SAFe.


The following individuals will benefit from participating in this workshop:

  • Executives and Leaders, Directors, and Managers needed to balance trade-offs in how ARTs are defined
  • Members of the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence and other key change agents responsible for the SAFe implementation

Course Topics

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