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Kanban/Flow – The Alternative Path To Agility

Achieve Agility Through Kanban/Flow

Lean Startup is an approach used by entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to apply extreme agility in cases of high uncertainty around Product-Market-Fit.
Whether you’re a Startup or a disruption-focused group in a larger company, we can help your product team figure out how to apply Lean Startup to help you define an aggressive Minimum Viable Product and work with the engineering team to dramatically accelerate your Build-Measure-Learn cycle.

World-class Kanban Practice

Since 2009 we’ve been helping our clients improve their agility using Kanban.
While many agile practitioners, as well as coaches, believe Kanban is limited to Maintenance/Support/Operations contexts, AgileSparks is actually one of the leading worldwide consultancies on leveraging Kanban for complex applications/systems development at the team and enterprise level. We’ve helped organizations such as Siemens, Intel, HP, Informatica, Amdocs, dbMotion and others use Kanban effectively for their development life cycle.

Many of our Scrum-based clients are using Kanban at the Program/Feature level to manage flow beyond the team. Others are leveraging Kanban principles at the team level using Team Kanban or ScrumBan.

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